We can fit and install a range of Pool and Spa covers to meet your needs, did you know?

Hideaway Pool Cover

Hideaway Pool Cover

  • Pool covers eliminates 97% evaporation, saving water.
  • A pool cover keeps your pool warmer for longer.
  • Specific pool covers can provide reliable pool safety protection
  • Every heated pool needs a pool cover.
  • It locks in heat, saves water, energy.
  • It can add months to your swim season.


Pool Covers

Pool covers keeps pools warm, save water, save money and cut down water evaporation. Save heating costs by up to 70%. Save Chemicals by keeping water evaporation to a minimum. Your chemicals last longer and don't simply evaporate into the atmosphere.

Spa Covers

Spa covers providing unrivalled heat sealing properties. Keeping all the heat in the spa, faster heating times and reduced energy use. A Spa Cover when installed and fitted correctly, will help prevent un-supervised access by kids and animals.


Sunlover Special Offer!

Sunlover free upgrade - Every SunLover 400 micron solar pool blanket will receive a free upgrade to a 500 micron solar pool blanket, a savings of up to $150.00.

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