Which Pool Cleaner is right for my pool?

Everyday at Peninsula Pool Techs we have questions from our customers asking about pool cleaners. Personally we think they are a must for most pools so that you are maintaing a clean pool free from leaves dust and fine particles from your pool. A pool cleaner is an investment, the proper pool cleaner will ensure a clean pool, properly functioning equipment by not allowing debris to reach the pumps and filters. The Peninsula is a leafy windy beautiful place!

If you want the best pool cleaner for your pool then we have access to an entire market place of automatic and robot pool cleaners that we can recommend. All you need to do is ask by giving us a call. Don’t risk it, get some help.


Are Robot Pool Cleaners really worth the money?

That is a valid questions and in nine out of ten cases the answer is yes, if it is an approved brand we at Peninsula Pool Techs recommend. Depending on your needs and pool size, makeup having a robotic pool cleaner dropped into the pool once or twice a week will leave it clean as it can be. It will also free up your pool skimmer box to do its job and ‘skim’ your pool.

Robot Pool Cleaners have easy access bags that can be emptied as required and your pool will be free from a suction cleaners hose and head chugging around. Don’t get us wrong, suction cleaners have their place and are reasonably priced. But if you have the budget and you have a leafy pool to take care of, think about a Robot Pool Cleaner.


Dolphin Pool Cleaners - Special offer - Save $100.00


Building on decades of expertise in automatic robotic pool cleaners, every Dolphin pool cleaner combines advanced technologies with proven reliability so you can enjoy a constantly clean pool with little effort. Dolphin pool cleaner robots have always been at the forefront of pool cleaner innovation, and help you enjoy a superior pool experience, every day.