Get that ionised dream pool you know you deserve with Peninsula Pool Techs!

Pictured here is yet another example of a salt water pool that has been converted to an ionised fresh water pool. The owner's frustration at the pool's high energy and chemical consumption, constant maintenance, and poor water quality finally caused him to seek an alternative, and a close family friend and ioniser convert suggested that he consider an Aquavic ioniser.

The owner took the advice and an Aquavic "New Millennium" Series II ioniser was installed. He and his family — and the family dog — are now very much enjoying drinking-quality water, reduced running times, energy consumption, and the level of maintenance required to keep it in order. Suffice to say that the whole family are delighted with their pool, and the picture shows why. A picture perfect pool in a magnificent setting.

Of interrest is the owner also installed one of our smaller ionisers on his hillside cascade water feature. The water is now free of unsightly algae and he no longer has the tedious task of clearing the pump.

Above is a beautiful pool in a picture-postcard perfect setting. This fully-tiled classic geometric example, which is running anAquavic “New Millennium” Series II fresh water ioniser, is very much at home nestled amongst the vines in the prestiguous and world renowned wine growing in Victoria's Mornington Peninsula.

Kevin and Geoff at Peninsula Pool Techs not only have 35 years experience under their belts, they know a thing or two about our New Millennium ionisers, too. 

Have a chat with them about your dream pool, and join the growing number of happy customers on the Peninsula already swimming in an ionised pool. 


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